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3ml Perfume Oil Sample of Night Dreams by Al Haramain

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Manufacturer: Miscellaneous

A gentle, wonderful blend of high quality pure Sandal and Dehnal Oud. The pure oriental fragrance is wrapped in a exotic bottle and is presented in a beautiful box. The Perfume is applied by a glass stick that is attached to the bottom of the lid.

Top notes which are experienced first contain strong scent of Oudh , then fade into mellower heart notes where the Sandalwood ingredient is apparent, which finally dry down to the base notes which consist of a subtle blend of both main ingredients. A truly amazing perfume which lasts a long time and a slight dab of the perfume is sufficient for the whole room to fill with the beautiful fragrance....

The original packaged perfume can be bought or viewed here.

Content: Approx. 3ml
Type: CPO
Picture: For illustration purposes only, but comes in a similar glass bottle
Suitable for: Women

Sales price: £3.49


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