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3ml Fantasia Fragrance Oil for Men by Ajmal Perfumes

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Manufacturer: Ajmal Perfumes

Fantasia by Ajmal Perfumes is a beautiful floral aroma that is suitable for men. This glorious sweet fragrance contains a blend of fruity and floral notes. This scent is a blend of blackberry, blossom, apricot and strawberry. This exquisite aroma finishes off with a blend of musk and vanilla.

The most expensive fragrance are Concentrated Perfume Oils or CPO. others fragrance types are EDT, EDP or Cologne, but CPOs are the longest lasting as they have the highest concentration of essentail oils/fragrance, which is why they may seem very expensive for such a small amount, but one or few drops is equivalent to 3-5 ml of a Eau de Toliette or Eau de Parfum.

Content: Approx. 3ml
Type: CPO
Gender: Masculine
Picture: Comes in a similar bottle, colour of perfume is as pictured.

Sales price: £3.99


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