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30ml Arba Wardat Perfume Oil for Women by Rasasi

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Manufacturer: Rasasi Perfumes

Arba Wardat perfume oil for women is a creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients, which is a soft confluence of contrasting notes. Arba Wardat symbolises ‘Four Flowers’ in Arabic which is the poetry of reflection, whispers of passion & breath of love – An example of an eternal seductiveness of life. Its aroma reminisce us the adorable bloom of youth. The Fragrance of Arba Wardat is the sensation of flowers from an untouched bouquet of pure joy. No matter what age you are this aroma is meant to help you feel young & passionate again.

Surpasses in quality compared to all other designer perfumes that may cost many times more than what you pay for this unique Arba Wardat perfume by Rasasi. A few drops of this magnificent perfume oil is all you need for rest of the day.

Arba Wardat perfume is free of alcohol and therefore will not dry your skin or lose fragrance as the alcohol evaporates. Arba Wardat by Rasasi comes in a beautiful bottle, you will be proud to display it for praise from your guests and visitors.

Top note: Bergamot
Heart notes: Floral
Base notes: Musk & Sandalwood

Content: Approx. 30ml
Type: CPO
Suitable for: Women

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