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20ml Rasheeqa Perfume Oil for Women

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Manufacturer: Swiss Arabian

A woman poised in her love, embellished with wholesomeness, splendour, and grace, taking us on a voyage of metaphorical grandeur, of Arabic past, present and future. She is an epitome of womanhood. Rasheeqa, a fresh floral concentrated perfume oil starts with rose with a body of water fruits and fresh greenness, flowers like muguet, rose, jasmine, hyacinth, in a woody and musky base of cedarwood, sandalwood, orris, musk, and amber. Rasheeqa, as the name suggests personifies gracefulness found in women of royal descent.

Top notes: Fresh Green Notes & Rose
Middle notes: Maguet, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Rose, Water Fruits
Base notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood & Orris

Concentrated Perfume Oils (CPO) is the most expensive version of any fragrance (others are EDT, EDP or Cologne) for the amount purchased; CPO's have the highest concentration of aromatic essences such as essential oils, sometimes up to 40% of the total ingredient, this makes it the most captivating from all the other types due to the whole symphony of top, heart and base notes released over a certain amount of time depending on the perfume. The perfume oil is applied directly to the skin on pulse spots – behind the ears, insides of the wrists, at the throat; be careful in applying directly on skin if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, if this is the case you should test a small drop first or only apply on clothing. Due to the concentration of aromatic essences, it is the longest lasting from all the other fragrances, even though a tiny amount is required for hours of bliss, this is reflected in the small sizes that is being sold such as 3ml or 12ml.

Quantity: Approx. 20ml
Type: CPO
Suitable for: Women

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