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15ml Al Ward Al Musk Perfume Oil by Rasasi

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Manufacturer: Rasasi Perfumes

Al Ward Al Musk is a floral, sensual fragrance that personifies beauty, exhibits luxury and created an aura of delight and fascination. The elegant vase shaped bottle has some exquisitely designed attractively coloured flowers and leaves that portraits the floral theme. The high quality metal cap with unique pearl like gem stone will attract and astonish one and all.

The totally oriental and highly diffusive fragrance opens with saffron, herbal and flowery top notes, it then blossoms with motia, spicy, rose and shamama middle notes which wraps up with sandalwood, mossy, honey and black musk base notes. The exclusive and elegantly coloured outer packaging represents a picture of affordable luxury at its best. This musk perfume is by Rasasi, one of the finest perfume houses in the Middle East.

Top notes: Herbs, Flowers & Saffron
Heart notes: Motia, Spice, Rose & Shamama
Base notes: Sandalwood, Moss, Black Musk & Honey

Content: Approx. 15 ml
Bottle: Comes in the bottle pictured
Brand: Rasasi
Suitable for:
Women (this perfume can be described as masculine as well, due to the balanced blend of ingredients)

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