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14ml Mizyaan Fragrance by Ajmal for Women

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Manufacturer: Ajmal Perfumes

The new concentrated fragrance Mizyaan (Mizyan or Miziyan) by Ajmal is as its name suggests - 'beautiful' - and is a unique combination of exotic spicy notes and feminine floral notes, infused with warm musk and woody undertones.

The Miziyaan perfume oil comes in a attractive metallic bottle that comes in its own sealed box. A bright, tender fragrance for the ultra feminine, Mizyaan, is designed to reveal an unusual twist - the intense passion which lies within.

Top notes: Floral - Spicy
Middle notes: Floral - Musky
Base notes: Woody - Ambery

Content: Approx. 14ml CPO
Gender: Women

Sales price: £19.95


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