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10ml Mukhallat Emirates Perfume Oil by Al Haramain

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Manufacturer: Al Haramain

This gorgeous Mukhallat Al Emirates attar is very robust and an opulent elixir. This is a scent that is brimming with crisp musks, but also gives the impression of being thick like molasses... like one is wading waist-deep through aromatic velvet-petalled roses. There is also a delicious puff of oud-like incense beneath the floral heart that teleports the wearer to the colourful bustling souks and medinas of the Middle East.

Just a tiny dab of this rich three-dimensional scent is sufficient to last an entire day. A scent like no other and so lovely. Worth a try.

This high quality concentrated perfume oil comes in a 10ml bottle, it is sold at a discounted rate compared to the smaller 3ml bottle sold. If this is one of your favourite fragrance oils, then it is cheaper to purchase this perfume bottle.

Fragrance Notes: A intense blend of rose softened with sweet sandalwood and hints of exotic Dehnal Oudh.
Fragrance Family: Soft, Sweet And Woody.
Content: Approx. 10ml
Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
Brand: Al Haramain
Suitable for: Men & Women

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